Feta cheese

(with English translation)


3 l fresh goat milk
3 tbs fresh yogurt
2-3 tbs dissolved rennet
salt on your taste

-warm goat's milk to 30°C; remove it from the heat and mix with the yogurt ;
-cover it and let it stand at room temperature for one hour 
-add the rennet and mix 
-let then sit covered overnight at room temperature. 
-cut the curd by starting from one side to another one and cut must be done straight down
to bottom
-turn the pot 90° and repeat all the cuts.

-with a clean hand reach the curds and gently stir it 
- cut the curd in cubes and let then the cubes stand for 10-15 minutes 
-using a handkerchief, dreined off the whey pouring the curds into; save some from the  whey for making later the brine; let the cheese in the handkerchief till no more whey drains out;
-place the drained curds into a bowl and mix it with salt

-press the cheese into a mold or in that special press you have
-cover it with a clean handkerchief and place some  weight on top of that; let to sit it overnight

-mix the whey (from before) with salt; stir to dissolve it and, then let the brine sit out at room temperature, covered, for 12 hours (or, it better be a day); pour the brine over the
cheese setted into a jar and cover it; you must store it in a cold place
-the cheese will become drier and more easily crumbled with time.

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