Cata's cake

Strawberry Shortcake and Custard. Who doesn't know those 'delicious' characters owned by the American Greetings ? Well, my daughter just met that special girl and her cat too. And all begun from a poster she saw somewhere. After a fast research on internet, everything revealed to her hungry eyes  in many , many forms  as films, posters and video games. 
Of course, kitchen was another field where she tried to get in that little and vintage girl.

9 waffles (from supermarket)
1 large cup of strawberry mousse
1 cup fresh strawberry
1/2 cup whiping cream, well beaten
Set waffles on a serving plate.Place cutted strawberry over the waffles.
Mix 1/2 of mousse with cream. Pour this mixture over fruits using a decorated cone. Over this mixture put the remained quantity of mousse.
Decorate all with strawberry.

Romanian version:
9 waffe(de la magazin)
1 cana mare de spuma de capsuni
1 cana de capsuni
1/2 cana de frisca bine batuta
Aseaza waffe-le pe un platou. Imparte capsunii taiati pe toata suprafata lor.
Amesteca frisca cu 1/2 din cantitatea de spuma apoi sprituieste-o peste capsuni. Deasupra imprastie cealalta cantitate de spuma.
Decoreaza cu capsuni.

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