Rose petal jam in one jar

A special jam with a lot of memories, a lot of feelings inside.Memories with flavor of "Caprice de Meilland" or "Baron Girod de l'Ain"The pink old-fashioned double roses with their special shape and ...taste. What can I say more? I've got a large bouquet of pink roses and all those "words" from inside were turned on in a special jam what filled just one jar. Funny, huh ? But, a week ago I had special guests and that jar with jam saved my hospitality. My grandmother recipe allows me to serve this jam as she used to do: a small quantity of jam spreaded on a plate and a glass of cold water was all she needed for her guests.But, let see how to make it.

  • 250 gr of pink or red or white rose petals
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 4 1/2 cups of water
  • juice of 2 lemons (seeds removed)
Wash(well) the petals. Cut the white part of each of them. Sprinkle the sugar(1 cup) over them (careful: each petal must be coated with sugar). Cover the bowl and let it stand overnight in a cool place.
In a saucepan pour the remaining sugar, water and lemon juice. Dissolve the content on a low heat. Add the rose petals into the mixture and allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Remove the foam what appears at the surface of the mixture. Boil all for 5 minutes.
Pour the jam into a clean and warmed jar and store it in a cool place.

Romanian version:
250 gr petale de trandafiri roz, rosi sau albi
2 cani zahar
4 1/2 cani apa
sucul de la 2 lamii (semintele indepartate)

Spala bine petalele si taie partea alba a acestora. Presara-le cu o cana de zahar avind grija ca fiecare petala sa fie acoperita cu zahar.Acopera vasul cu petale si lasa-l sa stea peste noapte. A doua zi, intr-o tigaie pui restul ingredientelor si dizolvi totul la foc mic. Adauga petalele si permite-le sa se opareasca pt. 20 de minute. Aduna spuma de la suprafata apoi mai fierbe inca 5 minute. Pune gemul in borcane curate si caldute si depoziteaza-le intr-un loc rece.

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