Roasted peppers salad

What can be better and more delicious than that trivial and extremely known roasted pepper salad ? Even if it's taken from the Balkan cuisine, even if it's adapted to Romanian life style, a roasted pepper salad remains the queen on those Romanian tables and menus which honor any guest.
It's more simple to do it than any other salad...So..

Peeled roasted red bell peppers (or any other type you have) are placed in a 
dressing made from: olive oil, wine vinegar, sugar, salt and a very small amount of water (all on your own taste). A touch of basil leaves is more than blessed. Let all to rest for about 30 minutes then serve it as a garniture or as a salad to other meals, soaking peppers in that sweet-sour dressing before biting their juicy pulp.
Simple, isn't it ?

Enjoy !

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