Papanașii muntenesti

I think there is a supreme taste in the kitchen as there is a ridiculous one too. Well, this supreme, splits his place among many other goodies and papanasii have their well defined place in that ranking. No one can challenge my beliefs. 
Because God wanted every thing on earth having a pair, well, boiled papanasi specific for Wallachia area must have theirs: the fried version, encountered especially from Moldova. If you want to see how papanasii reached the national product universalized on the rhytm of Broadway, well, read here.
A bit of knowledge:

Papanași is a Romanian traditional fried pastry resembling a small sphere or a disc, a kind of doughnut, usually made from a mixture of sweet cheese (such as urdă), eggs, and semolina, boiled or fried and served with fruit syrup or cherry jam and sour cream.The word papanași may come from the Latin papa or pappa, which means "food for children".
Whether it is food for children, whether it is for the less children, the truth is one: papanașii  are a national asset from all those goodies of the Romanian cuisine, that one which honors any host and table.

300 gr of fat fresh cheese, well drained by whey
2 eggs
3 tbs semolina
2 tbs butter
1 tsp wheat flour
a pinch of salt
some flavors (vanilla, grapes)

Mix all ingredients(without butter). Make some flattened small balls, make with your finger, in the middle of them, a whole  and boil the discs in salty water some 15minutes after they are up on the surface of water.
Meanwhile, fry the bread crumbs till browned and mixed with a bit of sugar. Boiled papanasi are brushed with melted butter then rolled out through the crumbs. Serve'em with cherry jam or syrup and sour cream.


Cred ca exista un suprem al gustului in bucatarie cum, exista si un ridicol al ei. Ei bine, acest suprem isi imparte locul intre multe alte bunatati iar papanasii isi au locul lor bine definit in acel clasament. Si nimeni nu-mi poate contesta crezul.
Pentru ca D-zeu asa a vrut ca, fiece lucru pe pamint sa aiba soata, ei bine, si papanasii fierti, specifici Munteniei, o au pe-a lor, adica varianta prajita, intilnita in special in partea Moldovei. Daca vrei ca sa vezi cum papanasii au ajuns un produs national universalizat pe ritm de Broadway, ei bine citeste aici.

300 gr. branza grasa de vaci (scursa bine de zer)
2 oua
3 linguri gris
2 linguri unt
pesmet destul
1 lingurita faina
arome(vanilie, stafide)

Se amesteca toate ingredientele(fara unt). Se fac apoi bile aplatizate; fa cu degetul o gaura, in mijlocul lor si fierbe-i in apa sarata pentru 15 minute dupa ce acestia se ridica la suprafata apei.
Intre timp, prajeste pesmetul pina la rumenire si amesteca-l cu un pic de zahar. Papanasii fierti sunt unsi cu unt topit, apoi tavaliti prin pesmet. Serveste-i cu gem de cirese sau sirop si smintina.

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Enjoy !

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