Scoarța / Bittersweet memories in a pie

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Mic va fi materialul asta pentru ca mare e lumea de dincolo de el. Simplu va fi pentru ca o sofisticare aparte sta in el. Un dulce sublim dar, cu gust amar si nepretuit de amintiri.
Greu m-am hotarit sa-l public insa, odata ce Adina a pornit bulgarele numit crant, totul s-a savirsit cu un alt material trimis spre publicare in Clubul povestilor parfumate al Mirelei. Aparent fara legatura intre ele subiectele insa atit de strins legate prin amintirile si povestile pe care le-a stirnit.
Si, pentru ca Charles Dudley Warner zicea ca : "Simplitatea înseamnă să faci călătoria acestei vieţi doar cu bagajul strict necesar", ei bine, asa o sa fac si eu in materialul preaincarcat de emotie de azi si zic:

2 albusuri se bat bine cu 120 gr zahar tos. 

Se adauga 1-2 galbenusuri si 150 gr faina. 
Se omogenizeaza, apoi se toarna intr-o tava unsa cu unt sau ulei si pudrata cu faina.
Deasupra se presara 150 gr nuca tocata si amestecata cu 100 gr zahar pudra.
Se coace apoi se serveste simpla sau cu dulceata. 

Puteam alege sa fac ceva mai complet sau complex insa, azi, dintre toate bunatatile pamintului am ales o reteta veche, un ou si-o mina de zahar. 
Si-o amintire. 
Si e destul.

Small will be this material  because so big is the world beyond. Simple it will be  because an apart sophistication stands inside. A sublime sweet but with bitter and invaluable memories .
So difficult it was for me to decide myself to publish this material but once the clod called CRANTZ was started by Adina, all was finished by another material sent for publication to the Club of the scented stories, club well leaded by Mirela
Seemingly unrelated topics but so closely linked by memories and the stories that have arisen.
As Charles Dudley Warner said "Simplicity means ... doing the journey of this life only with a strictly necessary baggage", I'll do so in my material, a material too filled by emotions.

2 egg whites, well beaten with 120 gr of granulated sugar. 
Add 1-2 egg yolks and 150 gr of flour. 
Homogenise all. Pour the mixture into a pan (well greased with butter or oil and dusted with flour).
Sprinkle over the surface of the pie 150 gr of chopped walnuts mixed with 100 gr of powdered sugar.
Bake the pie in a preheated oven, at 180 C, for 15-20 minutes or depends on your own oven.
You can serve it plain or with jam.

I could choose to do something more complete or complex, but today,  from all the goodies of the earth, I choose an old recipe, one egg and a handful of sugar. 
And a memory. 
And that's enough.

Enjoy !

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