It's a sunny-hot Sunday of May what - clear and firm- promises that the clothes will be bonded to the skin.  Then you just stop and look at the heat rising from the asphalt of the cities and wonder yourself... "How many degrees will have today ?"
You shrug your shoulders and just one idea makes you , as a consolation,  to revive yourself ... "It  wouldn't be bad  barbeques"...Then you call your friends and propose them an afternoon to enjoy the benefits of socializing with some  skewers  that reek of spices, baked apples with a little bit  of Cointreau and a chilled dew beer, regardless of the  race belonging to them ....Of course I can't forget about those  frozen grapes well scented with Frangelico or about those potatoes  that really melt in the heat of the garlic that gives life to the olive oil ! Ohhhh !


It sounds more than great , isn't it ?  And, I think that I will not go wrong if  I say that the  last breath  will give to itself  some fruits  well  drizzled with  honey and cinnamon , fruits that sizzle as an  orgasm  when their sweet scented will flood your  palate ...


       What a sunny Sunday !!!!!!   And now, it's raining.....
       That's life.

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