Kajmak (Bosnian "cheese")

It's a Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian/Yugoslavian fresh unripened or new 'cheese' made only from raw, fat and unpasteurized milk. 
(You can also meet kajmak in the Romanian cuisine wher it's usually used as a thick cream giving more specific taste to the Romanian dishes. Boil milk only once to the recurrent process of boiling from the Bosnian version.)

Boil the milk then let it completely cool overnight. Skim off the cream on the top and put that cream in the refrigerator.
Repeat boiling the milk, cooling it and skimming process... each time you must add the cream to that you already have in the refrigerator. You do that boiling process again and again till ....there is no more milk left. It can be a long process for geting this kajmak but it worths your patience.
Add salt to the cream/butter from the refrigerator and mix it.

That's Bosnian 'cheese' or the well known Kajmak.

Romanian version:
Fierbe laptele si lasa-l sa se raceasca complet, peste noapte, sau macar 5-6 ore. Aduna smintina ce se formeaza la suprafata si da-o la rece. Repeta procesul de fierbere pina cind nu mai ai lapte si, bineinteles adunind tot caimacul ce se ridica la suprafata lichidului. La final, amesteca caimacul cu sare, dupa gust.
Acesta e kajmacul sau 'brinza'  bosniaca.
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