Dreaming halloumi حلوم

I knowit's a traditional Cypriot cheese  but halloumi reminds me by a dream of mine, dream I had several years ago.I was somewhere in Africa, riding a camel and a beautiful and handsome beduin offered me cheese. I hadn't any idea what kind of cheese was that one but it was really tasty with its fresh smell of green mint.
Over the years, being in a large conference about milk products I've been eaten halloumi  and...the taste of this one was exactly the same as my dreamed cheese had. Strange fact, isn't it ? Don't you dare to ask me something about the beduin because I don't say any word.
So, let's make halloumi cheese.

Add dizolved rennet (2-3 tbs) to fresh raw heated milk (about 4-5 l) and let it stand for 30 minutes (or till the milk curdles).
Cut the curds in cubes, add to it chopped mint and place them in a muslin bag for 30 minutes or till harden and shape.
Drain any whey and back it into the pan and bring it to boil.
Get off curds from the bag and put them in the boiling liquid.
Let it cook in for 20 minutes or until the cheese will float to the top.
Carefully remove the cheese from the liquid. 
You can store it in the refrigerator .
Romanian version:
Adauga 2-3 l-ri de cheag dizolvat la 4-5 l de lapte proaspat, nefiert, incalzit in jurul a 35-37 C. Lasa-l sa stea pina cind se leaga si capata forma consistenta.Taie compozitia in cuburi si da-le la scurs in pinza special folosita pt. asa ceva.Amesteca-le acolo cu menta tocata. Scurge tot lichidul . Scoate brinza din pinza si fierbe-o in zer ce clocoteste. Fa pasul asta pentru 20 de minute.Scoate cu grija brinza de la fiert.

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