A warm salad

Salad is any of a wide variety of dishes and may be served at any point during a meal.
That's Monica's salad. Who Monica is? A nephew of mine,a beautiful young lady.
Let see how she's talking about it..."Aunty...mix all you have and you'll get a desired salad! Golden apple, tangerines, carrots and celery, chicken meat and a handful of nuts.After that, you must have a bubble bath, near a glass of champagne and some candles on the edge ... and a swing in the background ...Your laziness will be evaporated !"
Leaving this point of view I got my very own version of salad.

Ingredients(all barbequed):
few slices of red apple, celery root, white radish, zucchinni,  red ball pepper, green fresh chili, yellow pepper, middle of onion
few walnuts seeds
black olives
few small cubes of  cheese 
Seasonings: ground dried chili, 
balsamic vinegar, fresh basil leaf, all on your taste.
Mix all and...that' it, ready to eat.

Romanian version:
-toate sunt coapte pe grill : felii de mar, radacina de telina, ridiche alba, dovlecel, gogosar, chili verde, ardei galben, miez de ceapa, simburi de nuca, masline negre, citeva cuburi mici de cas
-chili uscat si zdrobit, otet balsamic, frunza proaspata de busuioc, totul dupa gust
Ametecati totul.

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