Codrenesti pies and a dream land

I had a strange dream last night, dream populated by marmots, lostrite*,a golden eagle and a deer. I do not know what all these mean, but I know I was so happy and so pleased. 
I was in  Craiasca Forest and, gathering colorful wild tulips and larch needles, I met King Dragos hunting an aurochs. Huh...strange indeed. All  was a mixt of images, actions, feelings that made me wake up.
And, like everything I do, I do for a reason, well, I thought that some codrenesti pies  would be ideal.Codrenesti pies from there, from that dream land**.

flour(I used integral flour)
warm water
a pinch of sugar

Filling 1. cheese, chopped dill, salt (only if it's necessary); mix all
Filling 2. frozen or fresh spinach, chopped spring onion, cheese, dill, 1 egg, salt
(Heat onion in 1-2 tbs olive oil and add spinach. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Remove from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix all.)
This filling nr.2 is just my personal option.

From yeast, sugar and  a small amount of water make a liquid 'dough'.Let is rise.
Mix flour with salt. Then add in the rised yeast.Mix and knead all till has an elastic and smooth mixture. Let it stay in a warm place till the dough doubled its volume. Break 'balls' from dough and flatten them.Add filling on all surface of those discs. Then, gather edges to the center of the disc and seal them.Flatten then again. Cook(on both sides) in a greased pan.You can serve it with a glass of yogurt or few tbs of cream.Next day, they are also perfect.

*lostrite= the Romanian salmon
**dreamland= Maramures (the N-W part of Romania)

Romanian version:
Din faina(eu am folosit faina integrala de griu desi reteta ca la mama ei spune ca se foloseste faina alba de griu), drojdie, un praf de zahar, sare  si apa faceti un aluat elastic si mai moale pe care-l lasati sa creasca pina-si dubleaza volumul. Rupeti mingi de aluat pe care le intindeti pina se formeaza cercuri. Umplutura se intinde pe toata suprafata discurilor apoi adunati merginile spre centru, sigilindu-le. Aplatizati din nou si coaceti placintele (pe ambele fete) in tigaie unsa cu ulei sau grasime. Se servesc cu iaurt. Sunt perfecte si a doua zi.
Umpluturile placintelor sunt:
1. brinza, marar, sare (optional)
2. spanac, brinza, ou, marar, ceapa avind ca procedeu de fabricare identic cu cel pentru  varzar

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