Cheese, walnuts & noodles

I use a lot(into my kitchen or in my family's menu) one of my mother's special and favorite recipes; in fact, it is a very simple one, no need for special skills or knowledges . Every kid from my childhood known, wanted and grown up with this kind of dish.

Cheese, walnuts, raisins noodles

Boil noodles following the directions set on the pack, saute them in very small amount of butter. Mix noodles with fresh cheese, sugar,  roasted walnuts, vanilla extract and rehydrated raisins (in water or rum) all on your own taste.
That's it.
As another options for your noodles or for your can mix those boiled noodles with: 1. feta cheese or any kind of salty cheese
2. grounded walnuts and sugar
3. grounded poppy seeds and boiled in milk , then mixed with sugar and rum extract
5. a fine sliced cabbage, baked till soften with an extra amount of grounded pepper and salt
6. only sugar and olive oil(1 tbs)
I'm sure that, there are more and more ways to cook these noodles.
Simple, huh ?

Enjoy !

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