Eggplant salad from Wallachia

Oltenia also called Lesser Wallachia in antiquated versions, with the alternate Latin names Wallachia MinorWallachia AlutanaWallachia Caesarea (between 1718 and 1739) is a historical province and geographical region of Romania, in western Wallachia. It is situated between the Danube, the Southern Carpathians and the Olt river (although counties in the east extend beyond the river in Muntenia in some areas). 
Initially inhabited by Dacians, Oltenia was incorpored in the Roman Empire (106, at the end of the Dacian Wars). From 681, with some interruptions, it was part of the Bulgarian Empire.  During the 15th century, Wallachia had to accept the Ottoman suzerainty and to pay an annual tribute to keep its autonomy as vasal. After 1716, the Ottomans decided to cease choosing the voivodes from among the Wallachian boyars, and to appoint foreign governors. Two years later, in 1718 under the terms of the Treaty of Passarowitz, Oltenia was split from Wallachia and annexed by the Habsburg Monarchy (de facto, it was under Austrian occupation by 1716). In 1737, it was returned to Wallachia under Prince Constantine Mavrocordatos. In 1821, Oltenia and the county of Gorj were at the center of Tudor Vladimirescu's uprising . Tudor initially gathered his Pandurs* in Padeş and relied on a grid of fortified monasteries such as Tismana and Strehaia.

And, I make this eggplant salad with my thought to the outlaws or pandurs from Codri Vlasiei or Teleorman forests, but also with my thought to that one who taught me how that eggplant salad is eaten somewhere in S-W of Oltenia.
Hot and spicy - a fire is all of you when you eat it. A feeling of rebirth you have when you get hot and smoky eggplant flavor remains. All and all is gathered in a boring eggplant salad, an unpretentious, fuss and coats of arms one but so so explosive , triggered by the taste of paprika.

Ingredients (to taste):
baked eggplant(on fire or stove), peeled and chopped 
red chilli,finely ground (how much you want) 
olive oil 
chopped onion (optional)
chopped garlic  (optional)
few drops of vinegar(optional)  

Mix all and ... that's all.

Pandurs*= see here
Memories from blog: Virsli- A Romanian pride


Si, salata asta de vinete o fac cu gindul la pandurii si haiducii Codrilor Vlasiei sau ai padurilor Teleormanului, dar si cu gindul la cel care m-a invatat cum se maninca salata de vinete undeva in S-E Olteniei. Iute si picanta de-ti iau foc toate cele atunci cind o maninci. Senzatia de renastere pe care o ai atunci cind trece iutele si ramine gustul de afumat al vinetei. Totul si toate adunate intr-o banala salata de vinete, fara pretentii, fasoane si blazoane dar atit de exploziva prin gustul ce-l declanseaza ardeiul iute.

Ingrediente (dupa gust):
vinete coapte pe jar sau pe plita, curatate si tocate
ardei iute rosu, macinat fin
ulei de masline
ceapa tocata
usturoi tocat (optional)
citiva stropi de otet (optional)

Se amesteca toate. atit.

Enjoy !

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