Lutenita & pirjoale

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Mai de post decit acest sos din gradinile Calarasilor nu se poate, decit celebra, unica, magica insotire-mamaliga cu ceapa-, adevarata, traditionala noastra mincare stra-stra nationala.

6 rosii mari, carnoase, rascoapte
2 cepe tocate
1 leg. patrunjel tocat
1 ardei iute
1 pahar ulei de masline
Se coc rosiile intr-o tava , pina le seaca zeama, se curata de coaja apoi, pulpa se terciuieste frecindu-se cu restul de ingrediente.
Se maninca ca aperitiv cu mamaliga, piine sau ce-o fi.
Poate ca ar merge ca un sos la o carne fripta sau fiarta, la o coptura mai seaca, dupa ce-o trece postul si-o veni vremea de dulce. la Anton Radu Roman citire(dupa Bucate incercate- Muzeul Taranului Roman)

Am facut un mixt intre Moldova cu ale ei pirjoale si Oltenia cu aceasta lutenita. E perfect.

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Lutenita & Pirjoale

More for Lent than this sauce( from the gardens of Calarasi) can not be...maybe just the famous, unique, magical polenta can be accompanied with onion - a real, traditional food of our great,great nationality.

6 large tomatoes, fleshy  and overripe
2 onions, finelychopped
1 bunch of parsley, finely chopped 
1 chili,finely chopped
1 cup olive oil

Bake the tomatoes into the oven, until they dry their juice, then peel'em and rub the pulp with the remaining ingredients.
It can be eaten as an appetizer with polenta, bread or whatever.
Maybe, it would work as a sauce for roasted or boiled meat, after the sweet time comes soon after Lent..
(Radu Anton Roman, after 'Tried dishes'- the Romanian Peasant Museum)

I just made a mixt between the Eastern part of Romania(Moldova) with its specific meatballs called PIRJOALE and the Southern part with ...this LUTENITA
It's perfect.

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