Bocconccini vs Mozzarella

(with English translation)
Practically it's one and the same cheese. But, as I said in a previous post (here), mozzarella is a supreme taste in this diary's industry.
They said that first mozzarella appeared from an error, somewhere near Naples. Does it matter that it is called "Buffalo Mozzarella " or "Fior di Latte "?
The technology you already know it so; I just added here few photos and directions.

1. Heat milk till 15 degrees C. 
2. Add the lemon salt. Stir in it and let sit few minutes.
3. Heat milk again to 30 degrees then stop fire.
4. Add the rennet into the milk,  stir in milk,  cover it and let it stand for 30 minutes.
5. Remove cheese from whey and drain as much the liquid as you can.
6.Pour boiling water(90 C) onto cheese and now you must start mixing and streching the cheese.
7.Drain the whey again and add again boiling water onto the cheese. Repet then step 6.
8.Form cheese strings, tearing pieces from it and giving them various forms. A personal touch is welcome. 
Or, you can give them a specific egg shape).
9.Pour bocconccini in cold water.
10. Store them in brine.

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