A salad and a poem: Mala's salad

I honored my kitchen today with a very simple salad recipe. My recipe. Ok, you'll say....' but who doesn't know salad ' 
I just added to it  my personal touch  and ...a poem.

Ingredients: for a plate
1-2 strawberries
2-3 black olives
1 slice of lemon
2-3 slices halloumi cheese
salt, pepper, ground dried chili
balsamic vinegar & olive oil (few drops)
fresh mint

Romanian version:
1-2 capsuni
2-3 masline negre
1 felie de lamiie
2-3 felii de brinza halloumi

sare, piper, chilli uscat si zdrobit
otet balsamic si ulei de masline(citeva picaturi)
menta proaspata

Eating a salad  by Mala Teaha

A different taste...
But a common one.
It may be based,
And a very well done.

Those who eat it
(With a great presentation)
Possible to meet  a little bit
Their desired  temptation.

With straberries and  cheese
lemon and black olives ...
You'll say :" One more please,
 I love fresh mint leaves."

Chili? And salt ?
Complete the entire.
Yes,this salad is all my fault.
How can it be if not a great desire? 

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