My spinach salad

Spinach is a native plant of Persia (modern day Iran). It was introduced to China in the 7th century.

It was most probably brought to Europe in about the 12th century and to the US in 1806.

Medieval artists extracted green pigment from spinach to use as an ink or paint.

Spinach has an undeserved reputation for being high in iron. 

In 1870, Dr. E von Wolf measured the iron content of spinach, but placed the decimal point in the wrong position. 

Spinach leaves are a mild diuretic and mild laxative.

Now, let talk about my spinach salad.
fresh baby spinach leaves
roasted walnuts
baked halloumi cheese
white radish
red pepper
slices of green chili
fresh mint leaves
olive oil
salt, black pepper
balsamic vinegar
All is built on the serving plate.

Romanian version:                                
frunze crude si tinere de spanac
nuci prajite
brinza halloumi, coapta
ardei rosu
ridiche alba
felii de chili verde
frunze proaspete de menta
sare, piper
ulei de masline
otet balsamic
Totul se construieste pe farfuria folosita la servit.

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