A salty pear salad (in 2 options)

Just fiew words about my salad. First of all - it's unusual to meet pear inside of a salty salad, second -a lot of people, maybe, will say "bleah", third - it's an original salad what appeared as a necessity of mine for fruits and vegetables and all this kind of stuff  and...the fourth -I hate winter. 
Is that enough ?
Option number 1:
barbequed sliced pears
barbequed red onion rings
ground dried chili
few drops olive oil
few drops balsamic vinegar(just optional)

All is built on plate. 
Simple, elegant, tasty, a subtle fruit flavor combined with the smoky taste given by  grill.
The option number 2 for my salad is : to the salad set above you should only add a Romanian egg. Simple, no ?

Romanian version:
Optiunea numarul 1:
pere feliate si coapte pe grill-ul uns cu ulei de masline           
inele de ceapa rosie coapte pe grill
chili uscat si zdrobit
citeva picaturi de ulei de masline
citeva picaturi de otet balsamic (optional)
Totul se construieste pe farfurie. Simplu, elegant, gustos, un gust subtil de fruct amestecat cu aroma de afumat data de grill.

Optiunea numarul 2 pentru salata mea este: adauga un ou romanesc la salata de mai sus.
Simplu, nu ?

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